Cure Pharmtech got selected in the government assignment of ‘2020 Conditional Purchase Project for New Product Development’

6 Nov 2020
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©CURE PharmTech got selected for the assignment ‘2020 Conditional Purchase Project for New Product Development’.

Korean government will select and aid small/medium sized enterprises with new innovative technology products by providing 4.6 billion won, over the course of two years and guarantee ensuring advantages, if newly developed products are successful, that they are being purchased by domestic demanders.

PLDA monofilament developed by Cure PharmTech has the advantage of low foreign body sensation with higher processability compared to conventional lifting threads.

Variety of lifting threads has been developed, such as PLLA, PCL and PDO, but development of materials is continually required to precisely satisfy the needs of consumers.

The development of PLDA monofilament, a new material, will be completed by the second half of 2022 as a project that combines the company's core capabilities and has advantages such as long bio-maintenance period, high machinability, and low foreign substance sensation by supplementing the shortcomings of existing products.