[Cure PharmTech] Completion Ceremony of the Munsan Plant

9 Apr 2019
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On April 5th, Cure Pharmtech Co., Ltd. held the completion ceremony of the Munsan Plant located in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

The Munsan plant's suture line will produce surgical sutures and monofilaments for cosmetic lifting threads.

8000km of high-purity PDO, PCL, PLLA and PLCL will be produced annually.

In particular, CURE PHARMTECH suture materials are directly supplied from basic materials such as Glycolic acid and L-lactide which are raw materials of direct biopolymers. As a result, fullfilling customer's satisfaction by complying with their requirements without delay.

Cure PharmTech’s subsidiary research institute (Cure Lab) aims to obtain reliable data through research on candidate substances and active ingredients of drug & medical supplies.

Also based on cell labs and molecular biology labs, it is expected to develop microbiological labs.

Currently, in cooperation with related universities such as KonKuk, Dongguk and Kongju national university and research institutes.

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