Cure Pharmtech, designated as a clinical trial conducting institution for veterinary drugs

21 May 2021
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Cure Pharmtech (CEO Dae-Young Kim) was designated as a veterinary drugs clinical trial conducting institution by Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency on May 11, 2021.

The clinical trial institution will be requested to conduct a clinical trial for product approval from importers and veterinary drugs manufacturers in accordance to ‘safety and efficacy regulations on veterinary drugs’ and regular inspections will be conducted annually by the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency for compliance with the relevant regulations.

The designation of Cure Pharmtech as a clinical trial institution enabled to obtain high objectivity and reliability of audit data, and is expected to contribute an increase to level of recently rapidly expanding animal medicine market.

Through the company’s affiliated research institute, we jointly conduct clinical trials with leading medical universities in Korea and develop human medicines as well as animal use. In addition, we have the technology that are capable of full process production such as producing a final product of suture threads from eco-friendly raw materials in powder form of biopolymer.

Dae-Young Kim, a CEO of Cure Pharmtech, said “being designated as a clinical trial institution by Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency means a recognition of our capability to develop animal medicine with its safeness and efficacy” and “we will continue to work our best developing animal medicine for pet owners suffering from their sick companion animals.”