[Northern Gyeonggi Province Excellent SMB - Cure Pharmtech, a company specializing in medical care] 'Rising Strong' in the field of animal medicine and biopolymer

5 Aug 2020
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Cure Pharmtech is a medical company focusing on the next-generation medical business that will be noticed in the future. Veterinary drug and biopolymer are Cure Pharmtech’s main businesses.

Established in 2009, Cure Pharmtech (at that time Vines medical) started as a company specializing in sales and marketing of medical devices and medicines.

Out of 2,558 pharmaceutical companies and distributors (data from the Korea Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service), develop into GMP (quality control standard for pharmaceutical manufacturing). And this is where Cure Pharmtech comes in.

Currently, Cure Pharmtech is expanding its business spectrum not only from distribution of medicines but to import, licensing, biopolymer, medicines and medical device production.

Cure Pharmtech’s biggest asset is the sales organization and sales network which was established since 2009. Hundreds of clinic-level hospitals, large-scale general hospitals and university hospitals are eligible businesses for sales, and secured contracts with numerous distributors and local agencies.

With a solid distribution networks base, Cure Pharmtech has expanded its business area to the animal business division. Cure Pharmtech has challenged the world’s veterinary medicine market, which reached 43 trillion won. Cure Pharmtech’s animal business division’s new products include immune, regenerative medicines and pet food containing special ingredients.

Through joint clinical trials with leading veterinary universities in Korea, Cure Pharmtech has shown effectiveness and secured safety. Another major business area of Cure Pharmtech is biopolymer industry.

Biopolymer – a high molecular substance produced by living organism, is a technology intensive industry in which only a few companies manufacture products due to its high-level manufacturing technology. Only a small number of companies in the world are capable of entire manufacturing processes, from raw material in powder form, then in solid grain form and then to finished product of medical devices.

Cure Pharmtech is a company capable of entire manufacturing processes and produces high-purity (less than 1mep) raw material, which is higher than medical acid value standard (3.5mep). Biodegradable polymer materials (Biopolymer) are also supplied to 15 domestic medical device manufacturers and are also exported to overseas companies in China, India and the UK.

WEGO, No.1 medical device manufacturer in China, imported “Cure Sorb” (Cure Pharmtech‘s biopolymer) to manufacture medical devices and was recognized for its product capability to register to the CFDA (Chinese Ministry of Food and Drug Safety). In addition, Cure Pharmtech is the world’s 10th company to have entire manufacturing processes of biodegradable suture yarn, ‘Cureline’. 

Cureline has drawn attention in the world’s suture market that is worth 6 trillion won and is said to have secured high quality and stability. By next year, Cure Pharmtech plans to achieve sales target of 20 billion won by focusing on veterinary drug, suture material and biodegradable cosmetic/medical devices.