About Us

Biopolymers use biodegradable polymers as their raw material for medical devices 

in the form of fiber, fabric, powder, and injection molding.

Multi-filament or monofilament fibers can be used to make fiber-based products. 

Biodegradable fabrics can also be produced by secondary processing of these fiber forms.

In addition, it can be processed into powder form and used as an additive for products 

such as fillers for face lifting and cosmetics. The possibilities for its use are unlimited.

Cure Biotech biopolymers ensure excellent strength and dimensional stability when applying injection moldings. Depending on the type, decomposition time or flexibility can be different.

We use the principal monomers for the production of biodegradable polymers 

such as Glycolide, Lactide, p-Dioxanone, ε-Caprolactone, available in granule or powder form.

Cure Biotech, Specialty Biopolymers Corporation