CURE Biotech is a biopolymer specialty company. In its core, it has a strong innovative technology producing a wide range of high purity biopolymer materials.

Currently, Biopolymers are used for a wide range of medical aplications such as surgical sutures, mesh, fillers, DDS, 3D printers, and so on.

Its use is continuously increasing.

Our commitent is deeply focused on manufacturing specialized biopolymers and providing related technical consulting services.

Cure Biotech utilizes a cutting-edge technology dealing with a wide range of biopolymers.

In addition to the production of polymeric materials such as PDO, PGCL and PLLA,
production of PDCL wich requires advanced technology, is also produced.

The importance of biopolymers continues to grow at a rapid rate due to fast-changing market conditions.

We will continue to strive to be in aligment with our customers expectations, ensuring our efforts and initiatives are always visible and trasparent.

Cure Biotech,

a professional bipolymer company